Electronic Logistics

Consumer electronics are manufactured throughout the world, and with over 300 offices in 90 countries, RUTAIR can support all the global needs of this high speed market. RUTAIR Electronic Logistics offers flexible supply chains and personalized solutions. We understand the niche needs of the industry, from products picked up directly from the manufacturers to the monitoring and managing of inventory and product order shipment preparation. We enable our customers to meet the rapid demands of the market by providing a one-stop-shop of strategically developed solutions, tailored to meet their needs. RUTAIR has merged a service portfolio combining distribution logistics, warranty processing, and recycling of used, returned, or surplus products, as well as value added services such as peak season charters and overflow warehousing. High-tech Solutions In such a highly competitive sector, RUTAIR offers comprehensive warehousing with high-tech security practices - GPS monitoring of containers, 24-hour security services, central alarm systems, locked steel cages, and strict background investigations. Our value added services provide our customers with labeling, packaging, and direct distribution to retailers. RUTAIR has created standard processes in order to meet the supply management and timely delivery of consumer products. We have implemented RF and RFID technology in order to scan and label merchandise, allowing for a greater visibility and inventory management. With our in-house IT, EDI development is faster providing streamlined communication between you, your vendors, distributors, and customers, as your goods move through the supply chain.


RUTAIR Electronic Logistics services

Consolidation/deconsolidation services

Transportation and brokerage solutions

Warehousing and distribution

Reverse logistics/waste managements

Cross-docking and order fulfillment

High Security

Value added services

Peak season space allocation

Overflow warehousing