High Value

Transportation of high quality goods with high risk of theft (perfume, tobacco, electrical appliances, high technology products and alcohols) needs special safety requirements for international transportation. 8,2 billion € per year is the resulting damage of thefts within the supply chain, according to TAPA. That's why you need an experienced and reliable partner for the delivery of your high value goods to minimize the risk of theft.

The gradual implementation of the special requirements of TAPA for the equipment and the employees guarantees our customers a high level of safety for their high value goods. Continuous monitoring, controlled processes and the cooperation with external security companies gives our customers a comforting feeling. Contact us for more information.



Our vehicles have been specifically designed for the movement of high-value, delicate consignments. As standard we will deliver to, or collect from, the point of use, assemble/disassemble as required and remove all waste packing materials from site. We will also carry out internal movements within a customer’s premises.

In many cases the use of specialist handling equipment will be required and our vehicles carry an extensive range.

For overseas moves where it would be inappropriate to use our own vehicles, we will arrange door-to-door worldwide air or sea freight through trusted companies we have worked with for many years.

Bespoke packing/crating is carried out by a specialist packing company at our own warehouse facilities and always under our supervision.

We will provide you with an end-to-end solution whilst guiding and supporting you through the Customs clearance and other administrative formalities.

From short-term goods-in-transit storage, to longer term storage for customers who do not have sufficient space or security of their own, we can provide a solution to meet your secure storage needs.

Customer engineers are always welcome to work on site to configure and power-test equipment, and our own staff will be happy to assist as required.

Equipment can be stored in lockable caged areas and customers can set their own codes on the digital locks, thus ensuring exclusive and restricted access.