Sea Service

Sea shipments nowdays represents 80% of all products that can be exported and imported in the world. From the beginning of our company as sea cargo agent we have giveni great importance. Our extensive experience in sea freight allows our customers to export to any country in the world. So that our customers goods reach their destinations safely and in the shortest time possible we only operate with shipping lines having regular services. Through our agent in each port of destination we offer the possibility to make the procedures to import and deliver loads in consignees warehouse. Through our extensive and organized network of collaborating agents we give adequate coverage to our customers to import any type of goods from more than 80 countries and handle your cargo from its origin supplier to delivery in your warehouse.

Computer technology is our great ally to manage all sea shipments. It is absolutely essential to maintain direct communication with the appropriate shipping line. As collaborating agent of the shipping company we use special programs to process all the documentation related to each shipment. The same technological advancement provides our staff with a complementary weapon to the knowledge and expertise to meet the most extreme demands of customers. We give them all the information they need so that export and import is a methodical work.

Our purpose is that the load is handled between countries without this being a headache. That our customers see us as having a sea cargo agent inside their organization is our challenge and ultimate goal. Sea cargo transportation has experienced a much higher rise than expected at the start of the 90’s. The alternatives to export for manufacturers and import, not only for big buyers, have varied considerably. The doors opened for the small and medium companies that started importing small quantities to supply the thousands of products that were manufactured in different foreign markets.

The grand opening of foreign markets gave the key for the birth of the figure of the sea cargo agent. We actively collaborate to increase the full load service which aroused the interest of new shipping lines to open routes with Spain. The sea cargo agent initiated and developed the LCL or groupage which offered small and medium companies the possibility to import their products at much more competitive prices to break into the domestic market. Small and medium manufacturers also demanded this type of loose sea cargo transport to obtain lower costs motivated them to export their products to the international markets. Therefore, from 20 years ago, Rutair International Forwarders has been collaborating with all those companies introduced in international markets and those who are taking steps to export and import all kinds of products, either full or part sea loads we offer quality and prices adjusted to every need.

Customs Service

Customs service is linked directly to all non-EU international transports to export or import any kind of products. The advice of the customs agent is vital to coordinate with the exporter all documentation of the cargo to be exported, thereby facilitating procedures with the customs office. To import any goods it is even more important to involve the customs agent as a mediator between importers and customs administration. Perfect knowledge of the customs nomenclature and up to date with the continuous changes of EEC regulations allows us to classify in the most correct way the products to be imported. The customs agent also advises the importer of all the documents required apart from the commercial invoices and packing lists to import goods that due to their nature need and special treatment and revisions by customs. Application and processing of licenses, certificates of origin, EUR 1, consular invoices and any other kind of document annex to the customs clearance required to export and import document is another asset that a customs agent offers customers.

For proper control and monitoring of all cargo customs require inspection, either to import or export, we are obliged to have a fully trained staff as it is the interlocutor between clients and customs inspectors. Import of perishables like fish is one of our specialties attending customs clearance with experts in dealing with maximum agility the import of these products. We cover museums, art galleries and art specialists for complicated procedures for export and import cargo to such customs are performed with the agility required by the most demanding customers.

Since international trade exists there have been implementation of customs between countries with different purposes, which prompted the birth of Customs Brokers. With the development of the international market, that has evolved rapidly in the last 30 years,customs have created regulations, amending and expanding standards and adjusting tariff headings to suit and meet modern trade needs. This process has obliged the International Forwarder to also specialize in the field of customs as a necessary and indispensable complement and in this way give a full and comprehensive service. Export and import to and from any country has become a complicated process where optimization to handle, transport and make customs clearance procedures of any kind of load is the priority of a Cargo Agent as Rutair International Forwarders.

To give an entirely satisfactory service to all customers our company has continued to invest in the most advanced software for customs sector. As mediators and interlocutors between exporters and importers and the customs administration, a good online communication with customs in all ports and airports is necessary. Also, through our network of agents in more than 80 countries we can provide customs service at ports and airports where we are represented. Again our obsession and aim is that our customers see us as having a Cargo Agent within their own organization capable of exporting and importing all the shipments and making all customs formalities.

Air Services

Air cargo has experienced an exponential increase representing at present about 20% of all products that can be exported and imported in the world. The enormous development and the importance to move quickly all types of cargo, specially perishable and valuable products has made the air cargo transport absolutely essential.

International Forwarders Rutair as air cargo agent and as agent member of IATA collaborates with all airlines to enhance and facilitate export and import by air. Our experience in air freight enables our customers to manage all processes for export to any country in the world. As IATA agents for 20 years we operate with all airlines respecting all regulations in force required by the Association so that our customers shipments reach their destination in the shortest time possible. Under strict new safety regulations for air cargo regulated by the EEC we are recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Development as Known Agent, allowing us to assure our customers that their cargo will always be handled and transported safely as required by each airline.

We offer those who entrust us with their shipments the possibility of making the procedures to import and deliver cargo to final destinations via our agent in each of the major airports in the world. Through our extensive and organized network of collaborating agents, we give adequate coverage to our customers to import any type of goods from over 80 countries and manage your cargo from its origin suppliers up to delivered to your warehouse. Computer technology applied to air cargo is our great ally to manage all cargo handled. It is absolutely essential to maintain a direct and fast communication with each airline in order that shipments fly as booked. IATA Agent Member as special programs used in the sector in order to process all the documentation related to each air cargo. All this technological advancement in the service of air cargo together with the high training and experience of our personnel puts us at the forefront of the latest air freight to meet the higher needs that the market requires to the exporters and importers. We supply all the information you require so that export and import is a simple and methodical work.

Our aim is that all cargo is handled between countries without being aneffort. Our great challenge is that our customers use us as if they had a Cargo Agent within their organization. The frenetic market developments requiring faster positioning of the goods at sales destination sites, meant a dramatic change to which air cargo has adapted perfectly. Our company as IATA Agent strongly believes in this alternative so that export by air is as fast, safe and economical as exporters need. Also, imports by air in a quick and safe way guarantees savings to importers sparing the high costs of maintaining a stock of products. The grand opening of foreign markets gave the key to the air freight for thousands of products such as perishable, hazardous, medical, etc. that hardly could be exported and imported used the air freight without problems. The air cargo agent has actively collaborated so that air transport is available to large and small companies putting all the necessary logistics in order that export and import by air freight has the most competitive cost possible. Rutair International Forwarders been working for 20 years with all those companies introduced in international trades and with those who start to export and import all kind of products by air freight meeting the requirements of express transporte and offering quality service and prices tailored to every need.

Logistic Service

Export and import of all kind of products around the world has become so tremendously daily as sophisticated and so Cargo Agents have had to dip into an efficient tool to meet all the needs of international trade: "logistics". Logistics is one of the main keys to successfully develop the international transport of any kind of cargo, from the warehouse of the exporter to the importer. Good logistics is so crucial and important that our company has spared no effort in creating an appropriate methodology for each type of load that is evolving to meet market needs in a timely manner.

Export and import to achieve success requires a Cargo Agent which in addition to transporting the goods of each client is able to offer a wide logistics to solve the problems that may arise to importers and exporters. Our company not only provides solutions to problems that may arise for a shipment but studying each case to minimize costs for customers to import and export with the highest possible return. We understand that good logistics begins by offering customers a human team to give them individual attention. We understood from the beginning and developed computer technology as the main basis for coordinating all the logistics that export and import needs. To be connected at all times with customers is essential for them to know in every moment the situation of their shipment. A good telephone attention and order confirmation request by adequate computer systems are critical to begin coordinating the collection and delivery of each load as requested. As Cargo Agent we offer our customers a wide network for collection and delivery of any cargo for export and import around the nation. Stores located in major ports and airports allow us to give a reception logistics, handling and stowage of cargo for export or import. Handling and clearance of shipments in DDA warehouses y customs warehouses is another logistical means that we make available to all customers who need to export and import through these systems. We provide efficient logistics to deliver any goods from our warehouses to any Spanish and European city. A great capacity for handling and transport of hazardous cargo with qualified personnel according to the IATA regulations for air transport and ADR for road and sea transport. As the final part of our logistics, we have been creating an extensive network of Cargo Agents situated in over 80 countries with which we offer all the coverage you need to export and import in any city in the world. We are aware of the importance for an International Cargo Agent to create a powerful logistics to enable our customers to export and import in a consistent and competitively manner. Therefore, we constantly invest to continually renew our logistics adjusting it to the present time.