Our History

Founded in 1995 as Cargo Agent for sea and air freight, Rutair International Forwarders, has developed an intense activity in the world of international cargo transport. We have been providing significant support to companies already established in foreign markets for export and import, as well as those willing to spread Spanish products to other countries. We provide special logistical support and advice on customs procedures to those that import to our country all technological innovations and all the innovative products that help enrich our culture. Our company collaborates in all these projects making available to all exporters and importers all the knowledge of our qualified and experienced staff. We are specialists in foreign trade, air freight and sea freight, customs, insurance, triangular operations, financing, letters of credit and we offer our clients all our logistics to help them do their work better. We advise on all the processes involved to import and export, sea or air, any kind of shipments.

Our expectations in the last 20 years have been highly exceeded, allowing us to give service in over 75 countries through our agents, who collaborate with our same standards in order to meet all the needs of our customers. From the first year we have invested in the human factor forming all our staff to be at the highest level of knowledge in the field of air and sea freight. At the same time, we invested from the beginning in the highest technology required creating a vital link with our customers. Thus, apart from having a very personalized service, receive constant information of the state of shipments and with the speed required by the international trade sector. From the experience achieved we have also invested in logistics means necessary and essential to properly handle all the goods for export and import. Special shipments, high-volume, dangerous, perishable, garmets on hangers containers, both in air freight and sea freight, are part of our daily work to which we pay special care and concern. Our slogan is to be worthy of our continued growth developing our sea and air freight services. Our certification as IATA Agents and Accredited Agent allows us to meet all regulations of the National Security Plan as required by the EEC and guarantees the seriousness and commitment of our company. As an intrinsic part of the Foreign Trade and understanding that the evolution of the Export and Import is continuous, our company does not set targets but continuous challenges to provide all customers with our progressive experience in the internationalCargo Transport markets both in sea and air freight.

Thanks for trusting and cooperating with us, we will always be at your disposal.

Our Internal Structure

From our headquarters in Madrid we have managed to organize a strong and agile structure. Uniting the performance criteria we reliably control the collection and delivery in any Spanish city. Air shipments are handled by an expert team from the main Spanish airports, both for export and for import.

International Agents

After 20 years in the market of air and sea freight we have developed an extensive network of agents in over 75 countries. Our agents have been working with us for over 15 years, which has enabled us to form a group that works worldwide with the same standards of service and customer care. Wesuccessfully board the highest demands that customers require us to export and import in any city worldwide safely and quickly , both sea and air ultimating all customs formalities at the countries where we are represented.

Estructura Interna
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